Backup & Security

Data is extremely valuable, and if it is lost may be irreplaceable.  If it falls into the wrong hands it can be very damaging, so keeping your data safe and secure has to be a top priority for any organisation.

We provide systems for data backup to enable you to keep copies of essential data in secure locations.  These can range from simple storage device which attach to workstations for local data backup, to high capacity automated tape library devices.

To cover the worst case scenario, our disaster recovery products enable fast server rebuilds in the event of the complete loss of one or more servers.

We provide a range of data security products, including secure two-factor products, which provide each user with a code which changes every minute.  This is required, along with PIN code, to gain access to systems.  Data encryption can be deployed for remote users who connect into central systems to enable them to transmit and receive information without fear that the data can be intercepted and decoded.