Leisure & Tourism

Active IT Support have been supplying IT equipment, support and advice to businesses since 1982.

Companies increasingly depend on IT as a tool to work together, communicate with clients and speed up business processes.

We provide advice on the right hardware and software to meet your requirements. We install, configure and support equipment so that you don’t have to worry.

We offer remote assistance, management of Antivirus to keep the latest threats at bay and management of backups to preserve your precious data and correspondence.

We can set up remote workers so that they can connect in through a secure link (VPN) to the office and pick up emails & documents or even work on their desktop PC when they’re at home or on the road.

We supply our clients with a high level of support including remote support via VPN, and remote monitoring tools. We have many years experience of troubleshooting server and networking issues and are dedicated to providing a responsive and conscientious service.

To improve security we can configure encryption of data for portable devices to secure your data in the event that a laptop is lost or stolen.

Products and services we offer to our Leisure & Tourism clients include:

Voice PBX & Data, Remote Management, High Performance Servers, Backup & Security, Server Consolidation & Thin Clients, Packaged Solutions, Printing, Display